Here is a list of Keynote and Workshops Angie is currently involved with:

1. Still Hope Keynote – This 60-minute keynote is designed to: bring love, light, and laughter to your conference in an intelligent, creative, and compassionate way.

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2. I’m a Gem Keynote / Workshop – This 60 – 70 -minute presentation is designed to dig into the roadblocks that tend to define our lives and to find a pathway towards a more meaningful way of life….of being.

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3. MINIMUM STRESS – 1-day Leadership Workshop

One Solution to 99% of Your Problems!

The MINIMUM STRESS 1-day leadership workshop is designed for people who want to sleep better, feel more peace, have more energy, gain confidence, and enjoy better relationships both at work and at home. So if you want to look good on the outside AND also feel good on the inside, this workshop is for you! Workshop is hosted by Lise Leblanc (Personal and Professional Transformational Leader), Sandi Emdin (“Three Small Words” strategist and facilitatory), and Angie Nussey (Musician / Spiritualist).

4. Songwriting / Vocal Training Workshops

As a Songwriter, Angie offers unique and creative approach to songwriting, always trying to push comfort boundaries in order to release the true voice of your music.

As a vocal coach, Angie can help with both speaking and singing. Although she’d been singing since she was a small child, Angie’s professional vocal training began at age of 19 while studying opera in University. As her career advanced, she took up vocal training in pop music which led her to develop a versatile technique combining opera, pop, and theatrical vocal exercises in order to protect her voice and enhance it’s quality. Additionally, this technique enabled her to enhance the control and stamina needed for a rigorous touring schedule.

email: info@hopecaferecords.ca for information on how to bring Angie to your school or group.