Through her many years of performing, Angie has learned the gentle art of telling relevant stories and anchoring them in appropriate songs. With seamless honesty and intuitive composure, she transforms audiences into a state of mindfulness before challenging them to connect in new and authentic ways.

"Angie's  single performance opened doors of honesty within my students which often takes months, sometimes years to achieve in a classroom." - Quentin Evans - Professor  - Georgian College.

Keynotes can be tailored to fit specific themes, or you can choose from some of the ideas below.

1. The Benefits of Depression - This ground breaking, 60-minute keynote performance addresses the epidemic of depression, where it comes from, and how it effects society. Angie then challenges the audience to entertain the idea that struggling with depression might just be a superpower as she recounts her own path and how it unfolded in the most astonishing way. Prepare to be uplifted.

2. What are we looking forward to? - This 50 - 60-minute presentation is designed to lift spirits and bring awareness to the amazing advancements and wisdom humans have been moving towards this past decade. This is a wonderful presentation for the end of a long AGM or learning conference. It will send your guests home feeling optimistic and energized. 

For the younger groups (Ages 13 - 18)


3. Let's Talk Sex - This 50 - 60-minute presentation addresses the topic of sex and self-love. 

3. Living in the Pocket - This 50 - 60-minute workshop is designed to demonstrate, through group experience, the challenge of staying mindful amid difficult circumstances. The outcome is the feeling of connection, trust...and joy. This a great presentation for smaller groups (50 - 75 people) looking to generate energetic unity and understanding for each other.