Here is a list of songs that are cleared for licensing. Feel free to contact us if you have a specific idea or artist in mind. Angie's Library is always expanding.


(Warm Hands ©2011)

Warm Hands won for Best Country Song in the 2012 Great American Song Contest. It has been covered by many artists on YouTube and it is one of the most requested songs of Angie's repertoire. It's a solid hit song for a mature country/folk artist such as Alison Krauss but it would also work for an up and coming artist such as MacKenzie Porter.

(Forbidden Thoughts ©2004)

This would be a great song for a sassy country artist like Miranda Lambert, but there are also alternate lyrics that can be suited for a male / female duet or a solo make vocalist. It is a wilder and more passionate version of "Killing me softly with his song."

(Still Hope ©2011)

Still Hope has been covered by four choirs from around the world. It is an uplifting song about global change. It is an excellent choice for climate change events and videos. It would also be a strong song for a powerful vocalist like Celine Dion or a band such as For King and Country.