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Angie is an award winning singer / songwriter who combines musical storytelling with messages of empowerment. With humor, vulnerability, and artistry, Angie sets a tone of authenticity that will resonates long after your event is over. Imagine the musical child of Brene Brown and Elizabeth Gilbert.

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Angie’s notable passion is to write and create music. She is an exceptionally trained singer, pianist, and guitar player. But her additional passions include the study of spirituality and psychology. Having battled with depression and acute sensitivities to the world, Angie became a seeker from an early age. Led by teachings of spiritual philosophers such as Eckhart Tolle, Brene Brown, Allan Watts, Wayne Dyer, and Teal Swan, she transcended down the path of self-actualization and wrote music reflective of that journey.

Her fascination with using music as a tool to expedite energetic shifts among audiences became evident as she began experimenting with various styles of music and messaging during her 15 year stretch as an entertainer. Having performed over 3000 concerts, Angie honed the gentle art of leading an audience into an openly experiential state and grounding them in the comfort and certainty of connection.

It is Angie’s intention to continue her journey of self-discovery by connecting and communicating with individuals via keynote stage or on an individual basis. She calls herself an experience collector and strives to passionately embrace every moment of her life. She is as patient and kind off-stage is she is on, and your event will be made brighter by having her.

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If one could imagine an uncompromising union between Josh Groban, Sarah McLaughlin and The Barenaked Ladies, it would only begin to set the stage for this unique Canadian talent. Award winning recording artist, Angie Nussey grew up in the small town of Lively, Ontario where she learned to play piano at the age of 6. Soon after she was writing and recording her own songs. Although best known for her emotional, philosophical and at times autobiographical ballads, Nussey doesn’t miss an opportunity to poke fun at everyday situations, the human condition, not to mention herself. Her world-class performances never fail to take her audiences on an emotional journey from totally ridiculous to deeply intense, and her songwriting career has been very much the same.

“I've never been able to sit down and write song with specific moods,” admits Nussey.” I just write when I feel like it and if I played back all the songs in the order they were written, I'd seem rather neurotic. I'm coming to a place where I can embrace this emotional roller coaster and love myself for being the sensitive character that I am. I can cry about pain and suffering and then laugh whole heartedly at a joke within the same five minutes. That’s the real me and that’s how my songs and albums come out.” 

In 1999, Nussey released an 11 song demo CD. Here’s MY Demo caught the attention of movie producer, Albert Botha, who helped launch her music career with her first studio album, Circumstantial Overload released September 2001. In 2004, Nussey released her second album Paint and Turpentine, followed by Silly Songs and Little Tragedies, both released in July of 2007. The bitter disappointment of losing a world-class opportunity to perform in front of President Obama in 2011 combined with her husband’s heart condition delayed the release of her Still Hope album to September 2012, but these setbacks also served as its inspiration. Brimming with the essence of optimism and global change, Nussey’s latest album reminds us all that no matter what happens, or how bad it may seem at the time, there is still hope for all of us.

After five full-length albums, 12 years of touring, and over 15 industry awards for songwriting, vocals, and performance, including Best Song, Best Vocal performance and Female Performer of the year, Nussey is currently recording her new album, Wisdom and Foolishness.

“It is important for me to be honest with myself and to solidify this new-found acceptance of who I truly am,” says Nussey. “This is why I've chosen the title Wisdom and Foolishness. The concept being that I accept both of these gifts. Some songs on the album...such as "She Does What She Wants," or "Toronto Song" fall into the category of foolishness, but other songs such as "Forgotten Names," and "Former Me" speak to listening to our higher truth and fall into the wisdom category.”

Wisdom and Foolishness will capture the wise, yet foolish sides of this powerful and compassionate songwriter. With lyrical profundity, melodic emotion, reverential vocals, Nussey’s upcoming album can be argued her best work yet.

Nussey’s secondary passion lies in spirituality and self-discovery. Having battled with depression and acute sensitivities to the world around her, she speaks publicly about her past and enjoys sharing ideas about what our ideal future will look like from the humanistic side. In the spring of 2014, Nussey was featured as a speaker at TEDx Nickle Centre’s Think in 3D. Through words, music, and understandings influenced by leaders such as Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Nelson Mandella, and Marianne Williamson, Nussey eloquently expressed her own points of view on being true to ourselves, and how we all must prepare for the discomfort of the future and the mourning of our past.

Nearly 15 years of crafting, performing and living her music as venerated and multi-award winning Artist, Angie Nussey’s evolution from Canadian singer/songwriter to respected global artist mirrors her own evolution from small-town Ontario darling to music industry innovator, visionary and spokesperson. Nussey maintains an ardent belief in others that makes her such a rare voice in today’s music landscape. Passing on her acquired pearls of wisdom – through her music, her charitable endeavors, her speaking engagements, and her interactions with fans – is all the motivation Nussey needs to continue to devote her entire self to her music.