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z – Angie and Kelly

Solo artist, Angie Nussey and band leader, Kelly Davies come together to form this dynamic duo. The two musicians had been performing and touring, unaware of each other for over 15 years until they met at a musical event in 2014. A friendship blossomed and they became fans of each other’s work, cheering for one another over the next 8 years. In 2022, an opportunity arrived for Angie and Kelly to perform together as a duo and they, excitedly, went to work combining their talents and choosing material which would allow them to exemplify strong musicianship with powerful vocal harmonies. Both artists enjoy soulful blues but, as entertainers, they are well-versed and can support each other in many styles of music including country, easy listening, folk, rock, and jazz. Angie plays the keyboard and Kelly plays guitar but these two, multi-instrumentalists are not shy about switching instruments from time to time and their love of music and gentle friendship shines through in every performance.  

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