What is it?
A Private House Concert is almost exactly what it sounds like: an exclusive, personal and intimate show for you and a group of friends in the comfortable surroundings of your home or backyard.

What you receive:
A two-hour live performance by Angie where audience interaction is not only appreciated - it's expected! Full sound/staging set-up to ensure you and your guests receive the optimal experience. A half-hour autograph session post-show to ensure each of your guests has the opportunity to interact with the artists and obtain a personalized autograph.

Why a Private House Concert?
There are 3 main benefits to hosting a Private House Concert versus buying tickets to public shows: As host, you and your guests will never have to strain to hear a verse and will always have the best seats in the house! The money saved on drinks and food makes this a highly economical way to enjoya great show. You will always receive exclusive interaction with Angie before, during and after the show!

How do we book a Private House Concert?
Just send an email to to secure Angie!

How much do they cost?
$20 - $25 per person with a minimum expectation of 30 people with all proceeds going to the artist. Often times there is a raffle or a small contest in order to raise extra money to go towards expenses for hosting. Most of the time, hosting expenses are minimal as all guests are expected to bring their own food and drink.

Some hosts prefer to pay a flat fee of $750 and provide food and drink. It is entirely up the host how they want to run the concert.

Here are a few words from those who have already hosted Angie at their home:

“In November 2014 we had the pleasure of hosting Angie Nussey at our house concert, she totally exceeded expectations. Our crowd latched on to Angie and her music, it was like finding your long lost friend. We will definitely host her again and again”.
Cecilia F, A.D. Rickk’s Room Montreal,Quebec

"Angie Nussey has performed twice for us at The Lodge on Amherst Island. She has a lovely voice, and her lyrics span the emotions from the comical to the complex. Each time we see Angie, we are impressed with the evolution of her musical style. She is a delightful person, as well as a talented performer!" Rosemary R., House Concert Host Amherst Island, ON

“Angie Nussey is an inspiring and passionate performer who embodies that magical mix of talent and charisma igniting an immediate and enduring connection with her audience from start to finish. She has the crowd in stitches with her sense of humour and then in jaw dropping attention with her poignant songs of loss, hope and triumph over adversity...what a ride. Do not miss an opportunity to share an evening with this gem of an artist.
Kerrene Tilson, A.D. Cafe in the Woods, Manitoulin Island, ON