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Winter brings many challenges…especially when it holds on for an extra month! And because of those challenges, I feel that Canadians are blessed with the experience of collective depression. Some of us have it worse than others but, at minimum, it sends us into a state of contemplation. And we are lucky to have to work through this discomfort as it seems to eventually bring us closer to reconnecting with our spiritual side (or energetic field…or whatever we want to call it.)

In the past three weeks, I’ve sent the same email to three different people. The topic is about forgiveness. And the email is about Byron Katie.

Years ago, I discovered Byron Katie when my Mom was talking about a book she’d written. I didn’t think much of her until my “summer of change” when found myself in a state of anger and confusion. I spent hours having imaginary arguments with people while driving in my car. I knew that something unhealthy was brewing inside of my heart. Lucky for me, I was born in an era that has started to embrace the psychology around our actions and, in my desperate search for relief, I returned to the work of Byron Katie and watched this video:

Then I filled out this worksheet:

…Then I watched the video and used the worksheet as my guide.

I did this 6 TIMES for 6 different people. Then I started to feel better : )

So, I thought I’d share it with you today in case you’re struggling. I Hope it brings you the relief it brought to me. I still return to this exercise when I find myself deep in judgment. What a wonderful world we live in to have access to this kind of therapy!

Much love to you on this wintery day!