My Towel

My Towel – August 26th, 2018

I have a favourite towel. It’s old, thin, green, and smaller than the rest. It soaks up water quickly and it dries quickly too. It doesn’t match our lovely towels that lay folded fluffily in the bathroom but it doesn’t have to… because it’s usually hanging on a hook. I never realized how special my towel was until today.

I did laundry yesterday and, of course, washed my towel as it gets washed often. I usually take it out of the clean laundry and hang in directly back on its hook. But yesterday, I inadvertently folded it and placed it in with the other towels.

So, this morning, I was eating breakfast, drinking jasmine tea, and watching the mysteries of nature while Quentin and his friend shuffled around getting ready to go fishing. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see my green towel in Quentin’s hand heading to the boat. “What are you doing with that towel?!” I ask with concern.

“I need it for fishing,” he said.

“That’s my towel. You can’t use it for fishing.”

“Well why was it folded with the other towels?” He asked, still walking towards the boat.

“That was a mistake! I don’t know why it ended up there!”

“Well it’s old and thin, it’s perfect for the boat.”

I could feel the panic set in. I realized Quentin, with all his awareness, didn’t realize that was the towel I use after showering EVERY day! Even I didn’t realize how attached I was to the towel.

“I don’t care if you use a brand new white fluffy towel, you can’t use my towel for fishing!”

Quentin finally stopped walking, realizing I was coming undone over this. He returned to the house laughing, and found a different one. My towel was safe again.

My life is full of precious things. I love my hand-made coffee mug, my 5 year old running shoes, the hat I was given at the MFM conference in 2007, the tiny rose plant that keeps blooming in our living room window, the oversized hoodie that Quentin gave me years ago, and today, most of all, I love my perfectly sized, worn to perfection, green towel.

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